Cherio purchasing system - MUST READ

Hello Cherio customer! This page was made to inform you better about how our purchase system works. First of all, NONE of our products include shipping cost (and this is written both on all ads on our website and in our Terms of Use in RED so be sure to read it!). However shipping can only be calculated after your order arrives at our warehouse. We made this mind map to better exemplify how our purchasing system works:




If even with the image you didn't understand our purchase system please contact the team for more information.

One of your biggest doubts is about the shipping cost. As we can only know the exact weight of the package when it reaches our warehouse, you need to call the team for more information (because it varies from country to country). Send us a message informing us about yout country and what you'll order with us and we'll give you a shipping cost estimation.


Now that you have understood better about our work system I will exemplify some points that show the benefits you have to order your cosplay at Cherio Store:

  • High product quality - Taobao suppliers are professionals in the field of cosmaker, wigmaker, shoemaker and propmaker. In other words you will be buying from the best (and our customers can confirm this, after all, we have 100% positive feedback since we started our import work 8 years ago);
  • Quality check - we are one of the only stores in the world that sends quality product photos to our customers even before we send the box. This means that you can do a prior quality check and see in more detail what you will actually receive;
  • Full and heat resistant wigs - The suppliers of wigs we work with are excellents in the wig market: quality products, full wigs, with very little hair loss and resistance to flat iron and hairdryer up to 180º C;
  • Direct purchase with original suppliers - you have probably seen a picture of our ads on other shopping sites like Wish, Aliexpress, Ebay, among others, right? Most of these sites are not selling the products advertised in the images. We know because almost none of our suppliers have accounts on other sales sites - they use Taobao exclusively. That is why buying directly with Cherio you know that you will receive the product shown in the image and not a counterfeit. In addition you will be directly supporting the original cosmaker;
  • High quality clothing - In our opinion Taobao cosmakers are the best in the world and we can prove it! High quality fabrics are used and have a wide range of prices, from the most affordable to the most elaborate. In addition many of our suppliers make tailor-made clothing, that is, the cosplay will be made especially for you;
  • Tailored shoes - All of our shoe suppliers make the shoes over your measurements so you are sure that it will fit you when you arrive at your home;
  • Supporting our work - Buying through Cherio helps us maintain our quality level and supports an original Brazilian company! Your support is priceless.

After all this explanation, thank you for coming here. If you've read this far you won't leave empty-handed. Use the coupon "cherio10" on your first purchase with us and enjoy a great discount: buy your dream cosplay!

Thank you for your understanding, have a great day!


Luna - CEO Cherio Store

Cherio team