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Akatsuki Lolita Dress

✿ Cosplay includes: Kimono, skirt and belt. ✿ Material: Uniform. ✿ Available Sizes: XS, S, M, L, X..

R$ 290.00

R$ 261.00
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Maid Lolita Dress - 3 colors

✿ Brand name: Jinyuefang (Tmall). ✿ Colors: Blue, black and pink. ✿ Fabric: Uniform, t peach. ✿ I..

R$ 190.00

R$ 171.00
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Sweetheart Dress

  ✿ Dress made of polyester. ✿ Promotional video: click here! ✿ Available in sizes M and L..

R$ 185.00

R$ 166.50
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Witched Dress

✿ Dress inspired in the new Sabrina series! ✿ It has a unique color. ✿ Sizes: S, M, L or XL. Check..

R$ 160.00

R$ 144.00
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