About Us

Specialized dropshipping shopping service - Taobao Agent in general, focusing on the cosplay/anime/gamer world.

Welcome to Cherio! The store was created by Maria Carollina Xavier da Silva (Luna) and her partner Felipe Felipe Assaid Ramalho (Haru). Our store started in 2012 where the personalized shopping service originated. With 8 years of service, Cherio has already become one of the biggest references in the cosplay world in Brazil and our intention is to transmit this reference all over the world.

Mission - To provide an exceptional and personalized shopping service for the cosplay, anime and gamer world.

1) TRANSPARENCY - Regarding values, processes, clothing and services in general;
2) QUALITY - To work only with the best suppliers of Taobao, where we value the production of quality products;
3) VALUATION - To value the work of the original producers of the products we offer on the website, through the dissemination of their names, stories and logos;
4) APPROVAL - An impeccable service conduct through 100% approval from customers who have already contacted our service and/or products;
5) DIMENSIONALITY - To provide the shipping of any product anywhere in the world;
6) SPECIFICITY - To offer a personalized, unique and exclusive shopping service according to the particularities and needs of each customer.

PERSONAL MAIN OBJECTIVE - To become one of the biggest references in the cosplay world.
MAIN OBJECTIVE FOR THE PUBLIC - To help cosplayers achieve their dream cosplay.

IMPORTANT! Read our terms of use before completing your purchase.

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E-mail for quotations / orders: luna@cheriostore.com.br / contato@cheriostore.com.br
E-mail for questions, suggestions and help: haru@cheriostore.com.br
Instagram / Tiktok: @cheriostore
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cheriostore.
WhatsApp: https://goo.gl/u1qaQw